Jacob Gonzalez for WVC Council District 3

Jacob Gonzalez grew up in West Valley City, lived here for over 23 years of his life, and graduated with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Utah in 2020. He’s worked as a Design Engineer and then later as an Associate Civil Engineer at Sunrun, a solar installation company.

Now, he’s looking towards the city council to get it to work for its people.

What’s on the agenda?

Water Smart

Living in the second driest state in the nation, water remains one of our most precious resources and its overuse grows worse due to our pricing method.

We need to explore water-smart solutions such as beautiful xeriscaping for those who are interested. and revise the pricing for water to keep it affordable to everyday families while properly pricing it for corporate entities.

Cleaner Air

The polluting port just north of us looms as a development that will further poison the air we breathe and drain the wetlands home to millions of birds.

We need better outreach to educate and mobilize West Valley before this public hazard worsens our air quality. We must stop this ecological and economic disaster that’s getting pushed by corporate benefactors.

Safer Streets

Poor car infrastructure design degrades our day-to-day quality of life and poses a deadly hazard to families, kids, and pedestrians.

We need to develop safer street designs to reduce speeding cars and provide safe biking, walking, and wheelchair-accessible alternatives. The solution to a connected, community-driven West Valley lies in walkable city design.